BPL represents some of the leading suppliers of leisure and entertainment equipment in the industry: WhiteWater (wet/dry rides, water slides...), Iwerks (3D/4D) ride simulation attractions and large format theaters), Prime Play (soft playground equipment), HHCP (leading design firm in leisure and hospitality industry), Spean Bridge Cinemas etc...

Over the past 12 year BPL's clients have placed their products in the major theme parks in Asia:

In Hong-Kong and China:

  • Ocean Park in Hong_Kong
  • Happy Valley in Shenzhen
  • Window on China Shenzhen
  • Beijing Cultural Plaza
  • Haier Museum(Qingdao)
  • Shanghai T.V. tower
  • Shanghai Scienceland

In Taiwan:

  • Formosa Wonder World
  • Yamay Resort(Mala Bay)
  • JianFuShan Howard Plaza(Kenting)
  • Blue Lagoon in Kaoshiung
  • National Taiwan Science Education Center

BPL's sales executives are among the most experienced in the industry. In addition, we provide, when required, service and maintenance assistance on behalf of our principals

A successful entertainment facility is more than the sum of its individual elements. While quality equipment, on-site services, and location are all important, these components must be successfully integrated into a concept and design that is most suitable to the target market and operating environment.


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